Modernization of Agriculture in India: How to Modernize and Improve the condition of Agriculture in India?

  modernization of agriculture in India In this article, we are going to see the modernization of agriculture in India. About 50-60% of the Indian population depends on agriculture and currently contributes 16% of GDP. To date, the main occupation of most of the villagers in the country is agriculture. But still, it is discouraging to see that people lack basic knowledge about agricultural equipment in India. They are still unaware of new and improved ways to increase the yield of their crops. Although the majority of citizens are engaged in agriculture, the country is still not self-sufficient in producing enough food to feed the population. Every year, tons of food grains are imported from other developed countries to feed the Indian population. So where are we missing? What are we doing wrong? There are a few reasons that cause the backwardness of agriculture in the country. These are:
  • Every year, crop yields are affected due to monsoon uncertainty and irregularity.
  • Due to the increase in the country’s population, more and more land is acquired, leaving very little space for agriculture.
  • There is no availability of irrigation by channels, which means that the farmers depend on the rainy season to obtain a fruitful yield.
The only solution to address these problems is to modernize the agricultural scenario in India. But how are we going to modernize agriculture in India? Adopting the Internet will help farmers discover new ways that have been unknown for years. It will give them an opportunity to alleviate the challenges that hinder crop growth and increase agricultural yield.

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Here are some ways that will help to modernize the agricultural scenario in the country.

Which crops grow best where?

It is important to know well the fact that each crop requires a different land and different atmospheric conditions to grow; however, finding the right soil for a crop is somewhat complicated. How can a farmer discover the right growing conditions for crops? How can you decide which land is suitable for the growth of which crop? This is when an agricultural land survey can help. A small plane called an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is used to monitor and observe important data such as multispectral imaging, visual and thermal imaging, and humidity, weather condition at a resolution of up to 1 cm/pixel, and air pressure. These data will help the farmer to make an informed decision.
modernization of agriculture in India
modernization of agriculture in India

Irrigate the fields wisely

Crops require an adequate amount of water at the right time for optimal growth. Therefore, it is important to manage field irrigation. While it can be a difficult task, due to water scarcity, it should be prioritized. Buying agricultural equipment in India, such as humidity sensors and water monitoring systems, can make watering a breeze. Moisture sensors are used to measure the moisture content in the soil and, based on these data, the water valves supply water to the field automatically without any supervision. In addition, it makes it easy to identify any leaks in the waterline. With smart irrigation, it is possible to waste less water and regularly irrigate the field, which will help the optimal growth of crops. Also, in drought-prone areas, it is important to take on water management and detect any unauthorized water consumption.
modernization of agriculture in India
modernization of agriculture in India

Use the right equipment

Instead of farming with the help of animals, farmers should have the right equipment on their hands. The introduction of the latest farm equipment, such as tractors, front loaders, backhoes, and more, will help farmers increase their productivity. In addition to equipment, caring for crops is also important.

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Rather than relying on animals like oxen, buffalo, and camels, farmers should opt for mechanized farm equipment that will produce excellent results and help the farmer useless manual energy. Instead of sowing manually, opting for the planter can reduce the workload while increasing efficiency.
modern agriculture of India
modernization of agriculture in India

Evaluate product performance.

Despite having optimal weather conditions, adequate irrigation facilities, modernized equipment, and proper pest management, there may be some possibilities when the plant refuses to grow well. Therefore, it is important to constantly measure and evaluate product performance. This is when smart technology can help and make it convenient to evaluate different parameters with sensors.

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To check humidity, pressure, soil and air temperature, and various other issues, you will need remote sensors instead. Having the data listed above in your hands will help a farmer take the necessary steps and plan his movements.
modern agriculture in India
how to improve agriculture conditions in India
Control pests Healthy crops are often victims of pests, and therefore farmers have to suffer heavy losses. Therefore, it is important in the crop production cycle to find out when pests are most likely to attack and what steps should be taken. Here you can install pest sensors to monitor the behavior of the pest, its population, and analyze different parameters that attract pests. Based on the data collected, the sensor will automatically spray pesticides in the fields when needed and in the correct amount.

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In addition to the points mentioned above, farmers must be educated. One of the main difficulties facing Indian farmers is the lack of education. While people in developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom go to study agriculture at universities, Indian farmers even lack basic education. To date, they are using outdated and outdated farming practices, resulting in the depletion of valuable resources, a high rate of crop damage, and over-agriculture. Farmers need to know more about the agricultural machinery manufacturers in the country. They need to gain access to knowledge about agricultural implements in India that can help them increase their workload and facilitate crop growth. There are several agricultural equipment manufacturers in the country that are helping farmers to ease their workload. The need of the hour is to use up-to-date equipment, gain knowledge of modern techniques, and move forward. See also:

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