Top 30 Agriculture Mobile Apps for Farmers in India – 2020

Top 30 Agriculture Mobil Apps for Farmers in India
Top 30 Agriculture Mobil Apps for Farmers in India

In this article, we are going to see the list of top 30 agriculture mobile apps for the farmers in India.

Digital transformation is acting as a game-changer for Indian agriculture. This has led to the rise and development of mobile apps which are helping existing government schemes and other agriculture-based information to reach farmers in rural India.  Now, with a click of a button, farmers can access all the necessary information he needs.

Below is the list of 30 Mobile Apps which will definitely bring significant change in the lives of farmers and agriculture.

S.No App Name Download Link
1 My Agri Guru
2 Iffco Kisan
3 Agriplex
4 Market yard
5 Indian Satellite Weather
6 Zero Budget Natural Farming
7 Kisan Space
8 Crop Insurance
9 Mandi Central
10 Machinery guide
11 Uzhavan ( Tamil App )
12 Kisan Suvidha
13 Agrowon
14 Shetkari
15 Kisan Yojana
16 Krishi Network
18 e-Gram
19 Fasal Salah
20 Farm Bee
22 Coconut expert ( Tamil)
23 Napanta
24 CCMobile
25 Bijak
26 Agromedix
27 Bajar Bhav
28 Agriculture Business
29 Agri Live
30 Agri App


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