Advantages and disadvantages of Drip Irrigation System?

In this article, we are going to see the advantages and disadvantages of drip irrigation system. It is also called as trickle water system.

Drip Irrigation / Trickle water system is a present day technique in which water is conveyed straightforwardly into the root zone of the plants. Trickle Irrigation frameworks can supply little measures of water at high recurrence interim’s. Therefore, a moderately steady dampness level of the dirt can be kept up. This upgrades great development and generation.

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Conventional method for inundating the whole field by surge water system brings about huge loss of water. In Drip water system water is spared and water in the wetted range builds the effectiveness of water and nourishment take-up.

Advantages of Drip Irrigation system

Expands income from expanded yield

Expands income from expanded quality

Abatements water costs

Simple establishment

No float

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No water being provided to weeds

Reductions work costs

Reductions vitality costs

Reductions manure costs

Reductions pesticide costs

Less vanishing of water contrasted with surface water system

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No dirt disintegration

Enhances seed germination

Enhanced ecological quality

Composts can be straightforwardly connected productively through trickle water system framework

Trickle water system can be utilized with polyethylene mulch which builds the yield further

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Disadvantages of Drip Irrigation system

Salinity Problem

Causes clogging if not filtered properly

Initial Start-up cost is high

Moisture distribution problem

High skill is required to design and install

Periodic flushing is required

Direct sun rays affect the life span of the tubes

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Above are the main advantages and disadvantages of drip irrigation system.