What is the Advantage and Disadvantage of Transplanting and Direct Seeding Method in Paddy Cultivation ( Rice )?


Transplanting Method



Direct Seeding Method


1 Work cost is high Work Cost is low
2 Seeds are not uncovered Seeds are presented to fowls, rats and snails
3 Plant populace is guaranteed with firm root jetty Plant populace is not guaranteed with less root jetty
4 Seed prerequisite is less/hectare Seed prerequisite is more/hectare
5 Plants have a tendency to develop gradually as a result of recuperation time in the wake of transplanting Yield develops 7-10 days sooner than the transplanted paddy
6 Weed rivalry is less More noteworthy product weed rivalry in light of the fact that both develop in comparable age
7 Nursery arrangement and pulling of seedlings required Not required

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