Goat Manure: Benefits of goat manure(an organic fertilizer) in the garden

One of the most common uses of goat manure is fertilizer and can help farmers to produce healthy crops and fruit crops. Goat manure is odorless and beneficial to garden soil. This fertilizer contains enough of the nutrients that plants need to grow well, especially if the goats have a bed. Manure stores a lot of nitrogen, so it increases its compost capacity. However, this increase in nitrogen requires composting before use.

Nutrients in Animal Manure

Animal manure is widely regarded as an agricultural commodity that can be used as a source of fertilizer for pastures, fields and grass production. In general, compost is considered an excellent source of plant nutrients N, P, K (nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K)) and helps to grow growth. Compost replenishes organic matter and other nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur into the soil, creating soil fertility, and quality. The nutrient content of the compost will change depending on the type of animal and food, the type and amount of bedding, the moisture content of the compost, and the storage method.

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Benefits of Goat Manure

• Goat manure is an excellent fertilizer for herbs, vegetables, and other crops. It is known for increasing the water holding capacity of the soil, among other uses.

• As with all compost, goat compost should be fertilized before using as a soil supplement. It is best used for 4 to 6 months to make compost before introducing it into the soil. If you choose to use it before the composting process is completely compacted, apply it to the ground 120 good days before harvesting your product.

Goat manure is drier than cow manure. It smells good and is easy to work with and spreads. Also, it presses very fast. It is higher in nitrogen than horse and cattle manure on average; contains 22 pounds [22 kg] of nitrogen per ton. Cow manure contains 10 kilograms of nitrogen per ton.

• Another advantage of using goat compost in manure is the fact that bone dung allows more air to flow into the compost pile, which speeds up the composting period.

• Goat manure creates good soil conditions in the new garden and existing gardens. It improves soil texture and therefore uses water efficiently and allows more oxygen to reach the roots.

• Like all manure, goat manure provides low amounts, a natural source of nitrogen and other nutrients. Because compost contains a small number of nutrients, depending on how fertile the soil will be you will need to add more fertilizer. We spread 40 kilograms of goat manure on the new garden and reached a depth of about 8 inches. After that, apply one to two inches of compost annually in the suspended beds to the bottom.

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