What is Hydroponics? It is the skill of growing plants in the absence of the soil

The term, Hydroponic is originated from Latin word meaning working water.

It is a kind of hydroculture and is a technique of growing plants using solutions rich in mineral nutrients without soil

There are 4 types of Hydroponics Systems

Wick System: In this system, the nutrients are pumped from the reservoir and transmitted to plant roots through wick’s capillary movement

 Ebb and Flow: It is also called the flood and drains system and is often automated via a pump with a timer.

 Water Culture: Plants are kept in net pots and are placed on a floating platform on top of a container of water and nutrients.

 Drip System Recovery: In this setup, the nutrient solutions are pumped through a tube and then dropped onto roots through drip lines.

ADVANTAGES Conservation of water and nutrients No more use of fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals.

It minimizes the loss of nutrients and has a lot more accurate control over the nutrients required by the plants. Plant growth is completely dependent on the nutrient solution provided. Thus, there is controlled plant growth.