Aeroponics requires easy maintenance of the root chamber and periodic disinfection of the reservoir and irrigation channels.

Fast plant growth is a key feature due to the roots having access to oxygen 24/7.

Plants need less nutrients and water on average due to higher nutrient absorption rates.

Aeroponics has great educational value, particularly for kids who can grow plants without getting their hands dirty.

Little space is required to start an aeroponics garden, making it a modular system ideal for limited space.

Plants, even whole nurseries, can be moved around with ease.

A breakdown in the system can cause damage or death to plants as it is made up of high pressure pumps, sprinklers, and timers.


A certain level of competency in running an aeroponic system is required, particularly for determining the nutrients needed by the plants.

The root chamber must be disinfected every so often to prevent contamination

Most aeroponic systems are expensive.