Place your strawberry seeds bundle inside a fixed impenetrable compartment and put it in the cooler for 3 a month. Try not to break the seal in-between because opening the bundle too early may bring about water condensing on the seeds


Fill the container with soil and water. You ought to sow each seed 6mm under the soil and space between two plants should be 152mm or 6 inches.


Fill the holes with soil. You can do it with your hands however be exceptionally cautious in making it happen. Try not to push it excessively close, since it can minimal the dirt and obliterate the seed.


Now place the planter in a bright location


Once the seed starts growing, you have to take away the plastic wrap of the planter


When your plants have a third or more leaf, you can transfer them in the garden or in containers. You have to be careful in doing this process.


Strawberry plants grow well in the areas that get a ton of direct daylight. However, the dirt ought to be rich and all around disintegrated. The development of the strawberries relies much upon the dirt.


Water the strawberry plants consistently. The roots will require a ton of water in warm climate.


After certain months, your plant will begin blooming blossoms. You can allow the strawberry plant an opportunity to develop more by eliminating the principal blossoms.

STEP  10

The first sign that the strawberry flowers have turned into fruit will be small green fruits. These will continue growing and turn red later. At the point when the entire strawberry begins to get red, it is ready for harvest..